ATC Ab-Trainer


The Ab-Trainer design utilizes core-strengthening movements and recruits all abdominals and hip-flexors to develop that elusive 6-pack! Innovative design of injection molded components, combined with bicycle technology, allow a low production cost with a quality high-tech feel.

ATC Ab-Trainer - Case Study

If you’re an insomniac, you may have seen Chuck Norris and Christy Brinkley pitching the Total Gym fitness system on late night television. M Design designed and developed the Total Gym for American Telecast and it has gone on to earn 2 billion dollars in sales in the 10 years it has been marketed.

The success of the Total Gym has spawned other opportunities for the design of fitness devices.

The idea of core strength training has gained a following in recent years with such organizations as NFL teams incorporating it into their training regimen.  ATC asked M Design to develop some fitness product concepts that would promote core strength training and be inexpensive but still effective.

The Ab-Trainer concept grew out of the Total Gym and Ab Dolly products. It delivers a great abdominal workout in spite of its low cost and complexity.