We know quite a bit about DNA nowadays. Technicians can unravel the genetic building blocks of any animal or person on the planet and sort them to create a gene sequence that is unique to that individual. No two people are identical. No two design firms are identical either and design firms have a sort of DNA as well. It’s based on their history and culture, mix of personalities and raw talent.

M Industrial Design’s “Genetic Markers” are unique:

  • Always inventing - Industrial Designers are inventors at heart. We love coming up with killer solutions to problems; yours or ours. We are unencumbered by traditional thinking. We have developed products for clients that defined new categories and made them billions of dollars. Some of our in-house projects have made it into production as well.
  • No one has all the good ideas - We’ve learned that our entire design team can contribute great ideas to a project. Even though we assign specific project teams to carry a project to completion, our culture and process involves a wider group to capture great input when we kick off a project. We believe that collaboration and informal dialogue benefits our clients with stronger results. We are always finding ways to be inspired!
  • Sweat the details - Whether it involves the small appearance design details of a beautiful form or the way parts are fastened together, the details can make or break a design. It’s an attitude and vision that is woven into everything we do.
  • BBQs on the dock - M Design is a fun place to work.  We roll up the doors and have BBQ lunches on the loading dock (SoCal weather is usually great!) Our polished concrete floors are perfect for our scooters and skateboards. Our industrial designers take our client’s challenges seriously but not themselves.