The M Team

Our People

M Industrial Design has over 58 years of professional experience in product design and development and yet our soul and energy is young and fresh. We attract great design talent and set them free to create great concepts. Fortified with a strong balance of both young enthusiastic designers and exceedingly experienced design pioneers, we are able to deliver only the most innovative results.

Our industrial design work in the areas of consumer electronics, home products, medical equipment, fitness equipment and structural packaging for cosmetics and food applications has contributed to billions of dollars in sales for our clients.  One new fitness product alone has generated over 2 billion dollars in sales over it's 10 year commercial life.  M Industrial Design's contribution made the product viable for home fitness consumers and the rest is history.

One of the great things about M Industrial Design's team of designers, engineers and design researchers is that they bring a wealth of prior experience to us.  Our designers have worked for Honda designing vehicles, Universal Studios designing entertainment properties, Reebok designing shoes, and other design companies where they practiced medical equipment design, consumer electronics design, fitness equipment design, housewares design and toy design.