SpeakerCraft Interactive Remote

With a lot of NIRV

NIRV is the new whole-house media control system that integrates and simplifies your media access and control. During the intensive 2-day BrainSpark ideation session, designers and clients worked side-by-side to create breakaway controller designs with outstanding ergonomics. Concepts from the workshop were refined in 3D and CAD and taken into engineering development and production. Introduced to the world at the CEDIA 2009, the results speak for themselves...

Case Study

The design projects we take on at M Design challenge us, charge us up and inspire us.  Our clients themselves contribute to the process in a big way and we’ve dealt with all types from iconoclastic inventors to top executives of Fortune 100 companies. Sometimes a client really knocks our socks off.

One that fits that bill is Jeremy Burkhardt, self-described “Chief Dork” of SpeakerCraft.  Not only does Jeremy have a deep understanding of his industry and customers, he also is a leader with a unique style. He once featured himself and his rather complete tattoos in a company brochure. He sky dives, saves whales and hangs out with big name rock stars.

When Speakercraft came to us to work on a new home media controller, we made sure we invited them to our Studio for an interactive kick off for the project. Our designers worked side by side with the SpeakerCraft team to capture concepts for a new concept remote control with outstanding ergonomics, fit and finish.

The concepts from the working session were taking into design refinement and rapid 3D mock ups. Through a process of evaluation and design iteration, we arrived at a controller design that is simple to use, can be used one-handed in the dark and feels great in your hand.

M Design developed the 3D CAD files and appearance model that tied down the design.  We worked closely with SpeakerCraft engineering during the final detailing.

When the parts came back from the production vendor, SpeakerCraft realized that the fit and finish was not high enough for a product in this category. M Design was brought back into the loop to help find ways to get the level of execution from pretty good to excellent.

NIRV was introduced at CEDIA in 2009 to much fanfare. It is now getting some great sales momentum and we recently heard a NIRV system was specified in a 1.5 million dollar home media installation in Idaho.

We continue to team with SpeakerCraft on great projects. We get the passion and we’re complete Design Dorks!