New Angle Chopping Board

Kitchen Creativity at the Cutting Edge

A chopping block that visually guides cutting scale and collects the results.

At some point everybody has had an idea they’d like to try out, or sees a consumer need they’d like to address. The nice thing about being industrial designers is we have the ability to take action and shepherd these ideas into reality.

The New Angle Chopping Board arose from such an initiative.  Besides a quality knife, few items are as essential to a kitchen as a cutting board.

Unfortunately, once you have the cutting board in front of you and you pick up your favorite knife you are on your own.

There you are wondering: how do I consistently cut the right sized pieces?  How do I keep from spilling half of them on the floor while trying to get the results of my slicing into a bowl?

MID turned one of our designers loose on the challenge of creating a better cutting board.

She began by conceptualizing several ideas, first with concept sketches and then in 2D computer format. We tested the preliminary concepts with full-scale quick 3d mock-ups, using them in the kitchen to better understand and evaluate the concepts.

Resulting insights allowed the design concepts to be focused into a single design solution, and then executed in SolidWorks 3D CAD.

Full-scale rapid prototypes were printed in-house and tested in the kitchen. After another design evaluation, appearance models were executed in the M Design prototype lab. The final design was tested with fellow designers and feedback incorporated.

The New Angle Chopping block makes chopping consistent and beautiful bits and pieces easy by providing a visual grid to help the user know the difference between “julienne”, “allumette” or “batonnete”-sized pieces.  A tapered trough along one side of the board helps collect and funnel small pieces into the appropriate destination.  The final design is durable and easy to clean and reflects well upon the chef lucky enough to own one.

The New Angle chopping board is just a token of what M Design can do for you when our creative juices get flowing on your next project. Chop Chop!