QuickStart2 Grill

Simple, fast, convenient grilling!

All the accessories that make charcoal fueled grilling easy combined into one attractive, affordable grill.

Case Study

Many grilling experts feel that grilling over charcoal is the ultimate way to cook over a flame.  The only problem is it takes too much time, is messy and often inconvenient.

Necessity has spawned accessories like starting chimneys, which help light the briquettes more quickly and evenly and brushes and shovels to clean up the ash.

The QuickStart2 rolls all the features you need into one affordable convenient piece of equipment.

The heart of the concept is the starting chimney attached to the bowl of the grill.  The briquettes are held in a basket in the chimney where they are lit with a few pieces of crumpled paper.  After the coals are lit, a lever raises the basket where it unfolds into a flat platform, evenly distributing the coals under the grill.

Any ash produced by the coals, falls down into a bowl at the bottom of the chimney for easy disposal.

M Design developed the functional concept, developed the appearance design and mechanical engineering, tested and refined the design through numerous functional mockups and prototypes and created the production CAD database.

Patent rights are held by Original Ideas, Inc. if you are interested in a production partnership!