Tip top tot

Lollacup was designed to be a sippy cup with personality that a tot can easily hold and use and that mom can feel good about. The cute character-face flips back to extend a drinking straw and shuts to seal the flow. The handles remove to allow the BPA-free cup to slip into a cup holder. The Lollacup has been featured in several major publications, the TV show The Shark Tank  and is a growing favorite among famous celebrities and their children.

Lollacup - Case Study

Some of the most rewarding projects we work on come from entrepreneurs. We think it’s just great when someone has that big idea and a passion to make it a reality.

A young mother came into our office with some ideas for a better sippy cup. She wanted the cup to be safe for babies, functional and really cute. She wanted handles for baby, but the cup also needed to fit in a car cup holder. The cup also needed to be easily disassembled for dishwasher cleaning to make mom happy too.

M industrial Design decided that getting the product made in the U.S.A would keep the project management simple and allow for quick approvals. We interpreted the client input, created design concepts and reviewed them with our client.

We then refined the industrial design in 3D CAD and made test models on our FDM machine to prove out the mechanical design of the parts and to help our client visualize the design in a way she could touch and hold. We specified BPA free materials for product safety and called out the mold finishes.

Once we and our client were happy with the design, we sent the CAD files to the tooling vendor to make tooling.  A few weeks later, the client was back in our office with "first shot" parts for us to review.

Maybe it’s not quite as exciting as delivering a real baby, but we still love helping to birth a new business!