Adi the Penguin Kid’s Plate

Pure Design – Pure Water

What parent wouldn’t love this cute character plate that stays stuck down to the tabletop so junior can’t make it a missile?

Case Study

An entrepreneur mom came to us with a concept and crude mock up of a child’s plate that could be stuck to the table to prevent it from becoming airborne.

She had worked with student engineers at UCSD to help develop the concept, but was nowhere near having something ready for production.  She also felt the personality of the plate was lacking and was confident we could help her achieve the cuteness and desirability she was trying to design into the concept.

M Industrial Design took on the challenge and after exploring several animal and other character concepts, arrived at a cute penguin design.

We addressed the functional aspects of the suction cup and its attachment to the plate as well as the patented release mechanism that keeps the child from releasing the plate, but allows the parent to release the suction with a fingertip.

The Adi plate has three divided areas for food and a cover to keep the food in its place during transport.  It’s made from BPA free FDA approved materials and can’t wait to be stuck to a child’s high chair.