FortOn Kids Furniture

This Fort is our Forte!

A furniture system that functions as comfortable seating for adults, but is purposely designed to be creatively reconstructed by children into an almost infinite number of play, study or napping environments. 

Case Study

Who, as a child, did not built a fort with sofa cushions and blankets?  Almost instantly we could transform our world and become cave dwellers, pirates or anything we could imagine. 

Great fun for kids, but maybe not quite so fun for the parent cleaning up in the aftermath.

Enter FortOn, a system of kid’s furniture that combines sleepovers, sitting and reading, and watching videos while building the inevitable fort.

The great thing about industrial design is that in addition to dealing in the challenges of the serious adult world we can step into a child’s world and design products for them.

M Industrial Design tapped our inner child to create a product concept with the inherent flexibility to allow limitless play while making clean up and reorganization easy.

FortOn succeeds because it works as both functional furniture and fort building material.  Even in its sofa configuration, the curved end pieces give a measure of secret seclusion and snug comfort.  The shapes form built-in nooks for reading or seclusion.  The flat cushions can be assembled into beds for sleepovers.  The Sofa can instantly become two chairs.

The component parts are designed to be disassembled and stacked in many configurations.  Structural pieces are made lightweight by utilizing blow-molded plastic cores over which foam and fabric are attached.

M Industrial Design developed FortOn to the point of a functional full-sized prototype and tested it with kids.  There were literally tears when the prototype was removed to another home for testing.  A ringing endorsement indeed!