Brewing up instant creativity

Nestle Mexico was preparing to launch a blend of soluble, roast and ground coffee, and wished to have an unexpected and differentiated package design within the soluble coffee category.

M Design was called on to assist in jump-starting the new Molienda design. The best way to achieve the desired results was to plan, coordinate and execute a multi-participant Ideation Workshop in the heart of cosmopolitan Mexico City, close to Nescafe HQ.

It was directed the new package should clearly reveal the best of the roast, ground and soluble coffee world within the constraints of a tight deadline. 

The new design needed to stand out on shelf, be simple to manufacture, and be constructed of efficiently recyclable materials.

The design would need to communicate an affordable premium coffee beverage, delighting consumers who "appreciate drinking everyday freshly brewed coffee with great taste and aroma, instantly."

In attendance were several M Designers and select client participants from Nescafe Mexico.

The combined participation between designers and clients allowed the results of the workshop to be very fruitful, resulting in over 150 packaging concepts.

These were filtered by further participant activity to 4 highly promising concepts at the conclusion of the workshop.

M Designs contribution to the packaging design did not end with the workshop, in the ensuing weeks, M Designers worked closely with the marketing and technical group at Nescafe Mexico to ready the packaging for commercialization.

There were several intense days of concept sketches, preliminary CAD, computer generated photo-realistic renderings and full-scale mockups of the proposed packaging lineup, to ready the design for its production deadline.

This preparatory work was beneficial for a smooth production run, and as a result, the new packaging was launched on schedule and is currently in the market, meeting a very positive consumer response.