Mövenpick of Switzerland

Cool ideas by the pint

We worked closely with Nestle R&D and Mövenpick, a division of Nestle S.A., to develop an iconic new container for their Super Premium Ice Cream. M Design prepared and facilitated a FastPack Ideation Workshop in Switzerland over a two day period. From 180 design concepts, a multi-market winning package design emerged. The end design delivered measurable results: a jump in sales.


Mövenpick Swiss Premium Ice Cream is the ultimate. It’s made in Switzerland from local ingredients and the company does not export to large markets in order to maintain its high product standards. There is a herd of 300 dairy cows owned by two brothers in Gruyère, Switzerland. Their entire output is purchased by Mövenpick to make their Gruyère Triple Cream flavor Ice Cream. No other herd will do.

Oh and by the way, Mövenpick sells for around $12.00 for 950ml (around a quart for you non-metric ice cream fans.)

In spite of the great product, Mövenpick was sold in the same type of low rectangular-shaped package design as its competitors. It got lost in a sea of ice cream “bricks” in the retail freezer section of the market.

M Design’s opportunity came in the form of an invitation to conduct a packaging design innovation workshop with the Movenpick team to help create a unique and potentially iconic package design concept.

From the hundreds of package design concepts generated, 6 strong package concepts went to consumer research and one design was choosen. 

M Design worked closely with Nestle R&D designers as the package design concept was refined for production.

The new package design was introduced with great commercial success. Sales in Switzerland jumped on the strength of the new package. The taller package proportion gave better “billboard” at retail and the concave curved lid shape gave a unique silhouette.

The package design did indeed become iconic and Mövenpick capitalized on the memorable shape by using it embossed into a scoop of ice cream in their print ad campaign.

Every time we get a chance to travel to Europe, we make sure we eat some!