Applying the scientific principles

M Design believes the best engineering solution is the most elegant engineering.  Achieving a functional industrial design with the fewest number of parts or the minimum use of materials benefits the appearance design, reduces manufacturing complexity and costs and is often the most environmentally sustainable solution.

We are materials experts and our knowledge of processes, allows us to marry great appearance design with efficient manufacturing.  Integrating good engineering design at the beginning of a project is a much better approach than creating a beautiful form that cannot be made and then trying to fix it after the fact.

Our mechanical design engineers use the latest CAD software and engineering tools and our in-house 3d development lab allows us to rapidly fabricate and try functional breadboards, proof of concept models and rapid prototypes quickly and in a secured environment.

Our deep engineering and mechanical design experience allows us to bring what we’ve learned in past projects and apply it to new challenges.  Our industrial design projects have been as diverse as developing an accurate low-cost shutter system for an infrared tympanic home thermometer and designing sustainable injection molded carriers for 5 gallon water bottles that successfully survived 20 foot drops onto concrete parking lot pavement.

We really enjoy tackling a challenging engineering design project and developing functional and elegant engineering solutions.  In recent years we have developed electric toothbrush drive and interlock systems, a bagel toaster that drops the bagels out of a chute ready to add butter without burning your hands, a charcoal grill that can start briquettes in the support column and then distribute them under the grill when they are hot with one touch, flow selector systems and valving for massaging shower heads, trans-urethral ultrasonic scanning medical equipment and more.

Our engineering design projects have included drive systems, linkages, optical design, fluid mechanics, valves and sealing, electronics and software development, PCB design and layout and more.  We’ve even done some limited production projects to enable field trials, strip down and analysis of our designs.