Touch and Feel

Models and prototypes are the physical representations of a design.  They allow us to interact with industrial design concepts in ways that are impossible with 2d depictions or even 3D CAD files.

Our clients find that investing in prototypes more than pays for itself in the usefulness of a physical model.  Product design flaws can be caught early in the development phase before costly tooling is fabricated.  Physical functional prototypes or appearance prototypes that you can touch, allow evaluation of comfort, appearance design and ergonomics in ways that are impossible otherwise.

Models built in our fully-equipped, modern prototype lab range from “quick and dirty” proof of concept models or form models all the way to prototypes that are indistinguishable from production units.  Our industrial design models are often used to sell concepts to top management and to produce promotional materials ahead of receiving production parts.

Prototypes can be used to receive regulatory agency approvals in advance of production in some cases.

Our industrial design prototyping services encompass a wide range of rapid prototype materials such as FDM and SLA as well as machinable plastics, metals, sheet metal and woods and have a mold-making and casting facility.  We work in fiberglass and vacuum-formed plastics. Our spacious AQMD and EPA approved auto-quality paint spray booth enables us to finish our models to match most production materials and finishes.

Through our partner resources we can provide functional electronic circuit boards, metal and plastic extrusions, cast metal parts and cut-and-sew fabric and leather prototypes.

Since our design projects are so varied, we often find ourselves inventing new model making processes for model making and prototype building.  Many times when we have had difficulty getting vendors to supply production parts on time or within budget, we have built the parts in house and saved time and money for our clients.

Our industrial design model makers have built prototypes of electric tricycles for selling noodles in Asia, working models of machines that make soup from capsules, shower massages, surgical training devices, functional bubble blowing toys, branded characters that juggle candy, beautiful high end perfume containers, a presentation case for Michael Eisner’s retirement and more.