Combining art, science and technology

M Industrial Design combines creativity, imagination and years of design experience to ensure your project objective becomes a reality. We deliver appearance design to stir the emotions and functionality that please the user as well as the manufacturer. We specialize in both:

  • Product Design - Typical Product Design project phases might include: Concept definition, appearance and mechanical design development and product design engineering. We review progress regularly with our clients during the project through concept sketches, photo-realistic renderings and other visual and physical media. We use a proven ergonomic design methodology to ensure that our product designs look great, function well, are safe and fit the user.
  • Package Design - From kids’ apple juice to high-end cosmetics, M Design has designed a happy home for just about every possible flavor, food, or fluid. Our expertise in packaging design is embraced by major marketing companies desiring to renovate and innovate their brands. We work in all stages of the packaging development process from concept to prototypes to production for clients like Nestlé, Purina, Dreyer's, Neutrogena, Nescafe, L’Oreal and Dolce Gusto. We understand films, blow molding, glass, paperboard, as well as filling technologies and high-speed lines. We also know how to deliver beautiful packages with visual impact on the shelf.