Nestlé FastPack

Driving innovation worldwide

When it comes to producing packaged foods, Nestlé S.A. is the world’s largest. Nestlé brands are sold in almost every country on the globe. When there is an opportunity for new packaging innovation, it does not come as a corporate dictate from Switzerland, it is usually initiated locally in each market as a response to consumer demand and business needs.

M Design has been working closely with Nestlé for over 12 years to develop innovation  that leverages local knowledge and experience and the power of design and visualization tools. As an external arm of Nestle we work with the international R&D Designer Network. These Nestle designers are embedded in technology centers worldwide and have a deep understanding of the markets, consumers and industrial processes that exist in the Nestle world.

Our teamwork with Nestle R&D Designer Network has resulted in over 150 design innovation workshops worldwide and we continue to work closely together to bring design innovation to the Nestle Brands.