Jenny Craig

Pipeline innovation workshop

Jenny Craig is constantly trying to improve the relevance and efficacy of its product and services.

Medical research yields areas of potential interest, but the process of distilling these opportunities down into actionable business strategies and practices is not a simple thing.

M Design was asked to prepare a BrainSpark workshop to take these opportunities and help Jenny Craig distill 4 real-world weight loss program initiatives.

We spent several weeks studying Jenny Craig clients to understand their needs and attitudes.  We enrolled in the Jenny Craig program and immersed ourselves in the program. The BrainSpark workshop was held offsite at a nearby resort. Over two days, the cross-functional BrainSpark team defined 4 program initiatives that derived from the recommendations of the advisory board. These program concepts were refined and strengthened and made ready for further development after the workshop.

We produced documentation of the workshop and assisted in preparing material for consumer concept research. Three of the four programs coming out of the workshop are currently in active development.