Red Bull

Feel the energy

M Design was commissioned by Red Bull to create and develop high visibility beverage coolers and bars for indoor and outdoor venues to showcase their energy drinks. The highly visible Red Bull brand is recognized globally due to their presence in team sports, high-speed airplane races, and athletic endorsements in snowboarding to extreme skiing. Due to their markedly high profile, a design program had to be devised that would resonate with the iconic Red Bull brand. Rather than risk dampening the visceral impact of the original concept design as it filters through the many layers in a conventional design process, M Design opted to conduct several ideation sessions focused on multiple themes that were identifiable with the Red Bull brand, such as vitality/extreme sports, or leisure/beach. The designers were presented with brand and other marketing materials by M Design consumer insight specialists to ground the ideation with relevant criteria and a group of concepts were developed that addressed the specific venues that applied directly to Red Bull.

The primary objective, to achieve actionable developed concepts for a new range of refrigerated cooling equipment, staffed retail bars and DJ platforms, were facilitated by incorporating the helpful input of Red Bull users. In this manner, concepts were to be fitted into the narrow realm that defines the Red Bull brand, exemplifying designs that functioned with high performance, were suitable to the expectations of Red Bull consumers, and were ultimately durable, long-lasting and remarkable product designs.