Allergan Cystoscopy Trainer

Haptics-based learning for surgeons

This trainer uses haptics-based tactile feedback to teach doctors how to perform a surgical procedure before operating on a live patient. M Design was asked to develop a concept, package the working components and build 10 production units in 4 weeks! We delivered the working units on time and the client was thrilled.

Allergan Cystoscopy Trainer - Case Study

TolTech came to us in December and asked if we could design, manufacture and deliver 10 table top Cystoscopy Trainers in one month’s time. We had been working on a larger platform trainer design program for them and this opportunity came up short term.

The Cystoscopy Trainers incorporate a haptics feedback arm, a representation of a cystoscope, an entry portal and some PCBS with custom electronics and connectors.

We felt that if we got reviews and approvals quickly and designed with the manufacturing process in mind that we would be able to control the lead-time and deliver on time. The client wanted a compelling visual design, not just a bent sheet metal box, so the expectations were high.

We reviewed 3 design concepts with the client in a matter of days and selected one with some additional design input from the client. We built the parts in CAD and started fabricating the housing patterns on our in-house FDM rapid Prototyping equipment. While the parts were building, we were finishing the CAD and soliciting quotes from outside vendors.

We surfaced and finished the FDM part in our model shop as a pattern and poured RTV rubber molds with the plan to cast the 10 housings in rigid UL rated urethane. We started pulling parts from our molds within a couple of days and continued to work with our vendors for the CNC machined components, sheet metal components and made modifications to the internal functional components being supplied by ToLTech.

The 10 units came together right on schedule and ToLTech was able to deliver them to their customer, who was blown away by the quality and appearance of the trainers.

The ability to pull off real world projects under pressure is one of the things that sets M Design apart from typical design firms.