TrueFocal Lens Case

Making a CASE for Design

Innovative storage for SuperFocus optics.

M Design tackled the formerly time-consuming process of fitting the IDEA award winning TrueFocal™ eyeglasses to new customers. When fitting the unique TruFocal frames, the lenses are individually selected from a wide range of interchangeable options and verified for patient compatibility. Drawing from extensive experience with clients like Case Logic, Targus and BioLase, M Design has learned that a well-conceived design for a consumer product accessory will greatly benefit the overall user experience.

It became apparent to TrueFocal that a portable storage system that neatly organized the lenses to allow the optician to search and retrieve the correct optics would streamline the procedure and shorten fitting time as well. M Design began the design by evaluating how opticians keep their conventional patient lenses and frames in a hand labeled tray. Since the tray system was so familiar to opticians, the tray evolved into a case that held a row of clearly labeled trays, each calling out lens type and strength. Although the design phase was accelerated to meet client goals, M Design managed to incorporate other features that made the carrying case unique and cost-effective.

First, each lens ‘module’ is magnetically held in their labeled positions on each tray for easy retrieval and replacement. This neat feature reduced complex tooling and moving parts like snap fits. Secondly, to avoid several molded parts, with the requisite multiple tools, the cleverly executed design consists of just three parts: the front and back covers, and a single tray part. The single tray can be molded in multiple quantities, so only one injection molding tool is required. The identical trays were designed to nest, and are connected via a rotating axle securing the storage unit together, allowing the trays to fan out for viewing. When choosing the lenses, all the optician has to do is to select the labeled tray and flip it out as if he were pulling a card from a deck.

Because the case was intended for limited quantities, M Design was able to make the part molds from rapid prototype patterns, and run the production onsite in our Prototype Lab. This allowed for a short production cycle and quick delivery to the client. In addition to making the lives of dispensing opticians a bit simpler, the sleek and unique design builds the TrueFocal brand by speaking in the language of “High Tech Cool”.