Form and functionality

M Industrial Design understands that products need to fit the consumer in order to meet their needs. We employ proven analysis, measurements and industrial design tools to arrive at products and packaging that are intuitive, functional and elegant. Whether it is a hand-held device, a surgical simulator, a bottle of shampoo, or a graphical user interface, we make sure the design solution fits, is simple and is easy to use. As an ode to our industrial design heritage, we hold the belief that form and function don't have to be compromised, but rather seamless, being connected through the careful work of quality industrial design. This ensures the desired product has "look and feel" you are looking for.

One of our hand-held medical device designs was noticed by a human factors expert while he was using it on a National Highway Safety research project.  He sent us an unsolicited letter praising the ergonomics and asking if we would submit it to the Journal of Human Factors design as an example of great ergonomic design.  That was high praise indeed!